LC4D Mission

Our mission is to provide our region children’s workshops, senior education and professional development in the areas of science, engineering and technology. Our instruction is delivered instruction face-to-face and through online instruction. We aim to foster innovation and entrepreneurship and support students in the creation and development of ethical solutions for the future Industrial Internet.

LC4D Reach and Effectiveness

The Louisville Center for Design has hosted a myriad of workshops at our home base facility, museums and schools:

  • Mellwood Arts Center (Past home base)
  • Louisville Science Center
  • Evansville Museum of Arts and Sciences (IN)

As well as the following school systems:

  • Jefferson County Schools (Louisville)
  • Adair County Schools
  • Henderson County Schools
  • Union County Schools
  • Webster County Schools
  • Green County Schools
  • Taylor County Schools
  • Private schools throughout the Louisville area

We can accurately estimate to providing instruction in the central United States of Kentucky and Indiana to over 3200 children in 2015-2016.

And that is just a start… Our focus for 2017-2018 will be on the children in the challenging Appalachian area of Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia.

LC4D To Propose Juvenile Rehabilitation Program

The Louisville Center for Design is concerned about the high-risk youth and underprivileged kids that find themselves in early juvenile court situations. We feel that learning code can instill self-confidence, character and empower kids to take a more positive path. LC4D is in the process of authoring an early-intervention detention program with the objective of changing attitudes and the direction of first-time offenders. Being smart IS cool! And having the ability to “create” web applications and mobile games hit home with many of these kids.


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